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6" x 6" x 3" White Foam Hinged Lid Container - 500/Pack

6" x 6" x 3" White Foam Hinged Lid Container - 500/Pack

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Enhance your takeout service or streamline your restaurant's leftover packaging with this white foam, single-compartment container featuring a convenient hinged lid. Perfectly designed to hold an individual entree, whether it's a hot dish like lasagna or a cold meal like a Caesar salad or club sandwich, this clamshell container is the ideal size for your food storage needs. Its insulating foam properties help maintain the temperature of the contents, ensuring both customer satisfaction and adherence to food safety standards, while offering a cost-effective alternative to other packaging materials.

The container's hinged lid is engineered for secure closure, protecting against leaks and spills during transit and making it easier for customers to transport their meals without worry. Additionally, the design of the container allows for efficient stacking and storage, optimizing space and organization. You can also purchase these containers with peace of mind, knowing they are CFC-free and manufactured without the use of Chlorofluorocarbon chemicals, making them a safer choice for the environment.

Opt for this reliable and environmentally conscious choice to support your business's packaging needs, ensuring both the quality of your service and your commitment to the planet.

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